Sunday, December 30, 2012

OOTD 2: Robert Smith joins the Army

I can post pictures of what I wear every day now, so I can post that when I'm not filled with inspiration.

So, I have one full length mirror in my dark room. The lighting in my bathroom is much better, but my mirror is only waist up. I apologize. I was also making a weird face, so it's smudged out.
I am wearingggg
  • Paramore Misguided Ghosts t-shirt- Hot Topic
  • Secondhand camouflage military jacket with patches- it's not actual military gear, my stepdad made it in the 80s, when he was 14.
  • Secondhand black super skinny jeans- from my mother
  • Black Creepers- eBay

 Here's a close-up of my top half and my necklaces.
  • Extra long weathered cross pendant- Claire's
  • Black ankh necklace- cheapo flea market

 This is my...left? wrist.
  • Knotted skull bracelet- Claire's
  • Leather ball studded cuff- Independent leatherworker
This is my other wrist. Obviously.
  • Two ponytail bands
  • Skull bead bracelets- Claire's
  • Cross bead bracelet- Claire's
  • Secondhand silver bangle thing- Mother

 My stepdad has recently discovered The Cure's frontman's hair, so today he said I looked like Robert Smith in the Army. He also wanted his jacket back, but that isn't happening.

I'll be posting these  alot now, so yeah.

Friday, December 28, 2012

More on the Evils of Hipsters Invading Goth and Grunge

That title is completely facetious. There is nothing wrong with Hipsters, nor their interest in Grunge and Goth. The post that still has more views than the rest of my posts combined (Pastel Goth, Nu Goth, and Hipster Goth) still holds a lot left unsaid. I just described their differences, how they could be considered Goth, and a vague little 'be nice to them'.

Look at this outfit. Is it that bad, if you get past the label of 'Nu Goth'? I don't think so. Could it be Goth?
Well, look here.
There's the big question.
Could it be Goth?
Who's to say what is and is not Goth? Why, it's the person wearing it! If they know the basics of Goth and consider yourself one, no one can tell you any different. These Basics of Goth are something lots of people have disagreed with me on. I think it would be very, very helpful if you knew the minimum, the most basic smidgen of knowledge:
  • The History- No, not as far back as the Visigoths, silly goose. I mean the modern movement with big hair and ripped pantyhose pulled over heads. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult was the first band where the followers were called "goths" in an interview in 76-78 (this entire sentence was taken from a Facebook conversation with another blogger). Then, Bela Lugosi's Dead came up and the sound was called Goth. The rest is history. 
If Ashley Joncas (the Nu Goth pictured) identified, she could be a Goth. She could have a skewed idea of it, but she could still be one. She wouldn't need to know the history; there are no requirements because we are all accepting. Well, we are supposed to be.
I'm being sidetracked.

 I don't know anything about the original Grunge movement, but I'm sure it had little to do with pastels. BUT (you knew there would be a but, didn't you? You are all VERY smart) the adjectives 'soft' and 'pastel' are used. An adjective is 'a word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it'. Notice the modify. The style, as far as I can tell, is somewhat influenced by grunge fashion.

If you have a tumblr account, you'll know about the 'geeks girl' controversy. Male geeks will approach females wearing comic book related clothing or buying comic books will be harassed about knowing everything about these books, or games, or cards. You don't need to know everything about Goth or grunge. It would certainly be helpful, but it's very near impossible to know everything. In my opinion, you should know some very basic things and you should definitely have an interest in your subculture (if you don't, you need to rethink your motives).

 In short, hipsters being interested in Goth and grunge isn't a bad thing, whether they identify as part of the subculture or influenced by it. This is society becoming more accepting of us black-clad spooksters; accept it. 

If you have any questions, comments, or flame wars in the making, please send them to me here. 

-HRH LittleGothCat

Friday, December 14, 2012

Things BabyBats Should Be Instructed About

It's been over a month since I've written anything. I could give all sorts of excuses, but I really just haven't had inspiration. I do now.
     Let's start of with the basics of Goth. First off, I believe someone needs a basic understanding and respect for Goth culture. Everyone should know the Batcave, Joy Division, big hair, Robert Smith, winklepickers, Siouxsie Sioux and how they inspired this strange mutated creature we call Goth. Then consider yourself a Goth. You needn't tell anyone else if it makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Of course, that sentence does not apply to the original forefathers and foremothers; they have reached a level of Goth that is now unattainable.
     When someone starts out in this subculture, they slowly start to integrate whatever vaguely Gothy items they can into their wardrobe. It doesn't always turn out well. I would like to bring up a personal example. There is a group at my school self-titled as The Black Cloud. They wear those baggy, chained Tripp pants, Slipknot shirts, and thrift store leather jackets with odd patterns. The clog up the middle of the second floor's main hallway and the teachers are always yelling at them to disperse. I was in English a week ago and the word "gothic" was brought up. My teacher asked "Do you even use that word to describe people anymore?"
     The word gothic used as a label for people aside, I would like to point out that someone can wear ankhs and stompy boots and have teased up black hair and go to Goth clubs and listen to The Dresden Dolls and Siouxsie Sioux, but if they don't want to be labelled Goth, they aren't. No one can label anyone else.
     Then, surprise of all surprises, a football player raises his hand and says "Yeah, we use it on the Black Cloud". The Black Cloud is half emo kids and half BabyBats who aren't interested in learning about the culture whatsoever. I've asked some of them; they do not give a damn.
     Some garments you should avoid under certain circumstances. They CAN be made Goth, but you would be hard-pressed and it wouldn't always look as good as you think.
  • Trilbies- These hats are marketed towards a 'Goth' market, with skull emblems, pinstripes, and morose colors. However, they are usually mislabeled as fedoras. They aren't. However, they should be worn with the same things. Hoodies aren't very complimentary. Maybe a classic button-down, tie, and skinny jeans a la My Chemical Romance?
  • Phat Pants- I dislike Tripp pants. I think it takes a very special person to pull off enormous pants with an inordinate amount of chains, like LeahMouse. They're almost always on BabyBats and they're seen as immature. 
  • Blue Jeans- There is nothing particularly Goth about grungy old blue jeans that don't fit. I don't think they're attractive on anyone, but some people really don't have anything else. Patches, Otter wax, artful shredding and stitching, painting, and laces can be interesting on any pants, blue or otherwise.
  • Halloween Accessories- The Black Cloud has a penchant for wearing fishnet gloves and plastic vampire fangs. It takes a very special outfit to pull of fishnet gloves. I prefer the pantyhose with the ripped out crotch look myself, but if no one will give you any, wear them with something that matches. Plastic vampire fangs aren't really acceptable unless it is Halloween.
  • Leather Jackets- Leather (or PVC or vegan-friendly material) jackets are an amazing addition to anyone's wardrobe. They are very expensive and very hard to find in good quality on ebay or a thrift store. If they come cheap, they most likely are cheap. It's hard to be a spooky creature of the night with quilted fake leather. If you insist on wearing a trench coat length jacket, MAKE SURE YOUR SHOES MATCH. There is a part of the Black Cloud that wears one with white Reeboks. They don't match.
Things to Wear Very Carefully
  • Armwarmers- Match them with your outfit. Band shirts and lace-up lace do not mix. AVOID PLASTIC. There was another Black Cloud member who wear plastic Batman gauntlets over the sleeves of his jacket. Plastic is just not comfortable, practical, and really not attractive. I never thought I would have to say that.
  • Knit Fingerless Gloves- If it is too hot to wear a knit sweater, it is too hot to wear knit gloves. 
  • Extensions- Extensions are best as expensive, glue ins or wefts. Clip-ins are cheaper and much easier to find, so they're a fine option. Make sure to hide the clip under your hair.
     Please understand- it is fine if you'd like to wear these things, any of them. Think about the image some of these things send out and think about if you would like to portray yourself as such. If you do, wear it. If you don't try something else. Make yourself happy and forget what everyone else thinks. Yeah, empowerment.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Subcultures from around the Globe- Poppare

Do we all remember this post from The Walrus Room (I cannot believe that was in March)? I have done some research and that wonderful, eye-opening post it just the tip of the poppare iceberg.
Disco Princess Panda by Panda...
There are three main types of Poppare:
-Panda or Panda Poppare

 I'm going to be a bit vague around the whole style. Poppare is a Swedish youth subculture that literally means "someone that listens to pop music". They all share a love of indie pop, particularly Broder Daniel, and big hair in what I have lovingly christened "Poofy Princess Puff Puff Hair". They aren't a very strong subculture; I've noticed that it peaked in 2006-2009, right around the MySpace emo/scene days. The subculture is almost dead, excluding a few brave souls, including the panda at the top of the page, towe. It's apparently slowly reviving over Facebook and Kent festivals and such.

Let's start with Glitterpoppare
Glitterpoppare is pretty much dead, according to this article. They listen to happier indie pop and are similar to the Japanese fashion decora. It is described as what I relate to the 7th grade emo phase. It occurs in the early teens and fizzles into something else.

Then there's regular poppare
Poppare is hard to define in it's general form. This poppare is only known as Bobski. They're known for wearing band t-shirts with striped undershirts, which is very similar to our emo and scene. To add to that image, they typically wear lots of eyeliner, colorful children's accessories, super skinny jeans, and side parted fringe of any color. They are different from our scene girls; they glue confetti stars under their eyes to resemble their favorite musicians. The music and those stars under their eyes are the only difference between them and our scenexcores.

Last, and sure as hell not least, Panda Poppares
Panda is the most recognizable and the strictest of all poppare. I don't like making things so black and white (PUN INTENDED), but this truly is a pretty strict subculture. There MUST be a perfect black or blond huge princessy bob. Though I'm not sure if it's a rule, the only colors worn are black and white, with a bit of red. I've seen it compared to mod and I'm sure it could be, but I don't know much about that subculture. Polka dots, checks, hounds-tooth, and double sided fabric seems to be popular, and possibly stripes. Shoes are kind of iffy, but lean toward Mary Janes, Doc Martens, what I have decided will be called 50s schoolgirl shoes, and the platforms pictured above. Any 50s-style shirt is fine, so long as it's modest. Tights are almost always worn. Why are they called pandas? Look at the makeup and their wardrobes. Broder Daniel seems o be worshipped by this branch of poppare the most, because they're usually seen with a BD bag and/or button.

Music is nearly all Swedish Indie Pop, but there is some traditional Goth thrown in. Popular artists include Broder Daniel, Kent, Håkan Hellström, The Cure, The Smiths, Almedalen, Timo Räisänen, Laakso, Markus Schulz, Morrissey, Belle & Sebastian, Theodor Jensen, Florence And The Machine, Mando Diao, Hästpojken, Elmo, North Pole, Lasse Lindh, Secure!, Epelectric, Sugarplum Fairy, Kristian Anttila, Franz Ferdinand, The Knife, Bob Dylan, Johnossi, Honey Is Cool, Lykke Li, and The Jesus And Mary Chain. It's actually pretty good, so listen to some of it! Source  

That's all there is that I could grasp. Enjoy!

With a teased, matted nest upon his head,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Outfit of the Day 1- Paranorman

Remember that outfit post I've been promising? Yeah, well here it is.
Traditionally, one takes pictures of oneself in the bathroom with the largest mirror. And we do it immediately after we get out of the shower.
I was going for casual but still Goth-ish with a little spooky thrown in. Now that I look at it, it seems a bit too BabyBat. It's probably the pants, but I can't give them up.

-Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat T-shirt, around 15$ from Hot Topic (My very first trip, which I remember fondly) 
-Lip Service Mens Junkie Bondage Jeans, around 80-90$ from Lip Service. (My first, and now that I think of it, only, pair of "Goth pants", bought 3 years and 5/6 pants sizes ago). They got to be too short and too big, so I cut them off.
-Demonia Fierce-130 Boots, 80-odd$ from Sinister Soles (I had problems with the soles coming loose, so they're in a boot press at a shoe repair shop now)
-Skull bracelet, 7$, black jelly bracelet, found, multiple hair ties

I went to see ParaNorman with a two twin friends. It was lovely. Eventually, my Heath-Ledger-in-10-Things-I-Hate-About-You Shower Hair dried and frizzed out. That was unhappy-time.
I almost never wear this shirt because it actually fits and I have problems with body image and I'm self-conscious beyond belief.

I'll set up some better, school related outfits when I find a suitably lighted, secluded bathroom in my school to take pictures in.

With cliched t-shirts and BabyBat Bondage Pants,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goth Challenge- Day 7

I do have an idea for a post! But, until Halloween, that post will not be typed. Until then, I'll be doing memes and OOTDs when I have the energy to upload them.

Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.

I honestly don't like enough legit Goth music to do this properly. I like The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Jack Off Jill, and Cinema Strange. Do they even count?
So I'm going to be doing this by genres of Goth-friendly music to make it seem like I've put thought into this. And just for giggles, I'll add in my favorite songs.

I WILL ATTEMPT- TradGoth and Associated

1. The Cure (the entire album Disintegration)
      -Disintegration, Closedown, Last Dance, The LoveCats, Friday I'm In Love

2. Siouxsie and the Banshees (I like pretty much all of it, but don't have much experience with them)
      -Happy House, Kiss Them For Me

3. Jack Off Jill
      -Witch Hunt, Strawberry Gashes

4. Cinema Strange
      -Intermezzo Bright Violet Euphoria, Greensward Grey

5. The Smiths
      -How Soon is Now, What She Said, The Headmaster Ritual

6. Sisters of Mercy
      -Lucretia My Reflection

7. A Flock of Seagulls
      -Wishing, Telecommunication, Space Age Love Song

8. Skeletal Family
      -Promised Land

9. Strawberry Switchblade
      -Jolene, Since Yesterday, Being Cold, Go Away

10. Asylum Party
     -The Desert

The Cabaret-Type Things

1. Emilie Autumn (I disapprove of her, but her music is gorge, she's extremely attractive, and I own her book)
     -A Cure?, Medicate with Tea, If I Burn, Swallow, Liar, Shallott, Rose Red, Rapunzel

2. The Dresden Dolls
     -Backstabber, Girl Anachronism, Mandy Goes to Med School, Me and the Minibar

3. Amanda Palmer
     -Strength Through Music, Oasis, Astronaut, Runs in the Family, Map of Tasmania

4. Evelyn Evelyn
     -Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn, Evelyn Evelyn, Sandy Fishnets, Elephant Elephant

5. Abney Park
     -Dear Ophelia, Building Steam, Sacrilege, The Emperor's Wives, Sleep Isabella

6. Hannah Fury
     -Away, Meathook, The Necklace of Marie Antoinette, Angels and Absinthe

7. Voltaire
     -Goodnight Demonslayer, Brains!, Zombie Prostitute, The Vampire Club, Ex-Lover's Lover

8. The Sucker Punch Soundtrack
     -Sweet Dreams, White Rabbit, Where is My Mind?, Asleep

9. Rasputina
     -Transylvanian Concubine, Dig Ophelia

10. Creature Feature

The Dreaded Adora BatBrat-esque Synthare Electro Based Goth That Everyone is Scared of

1. Kraftwerk
     -Showroom Dummies

2. Assemblage 23
     -Damaged, Madman's Dream

3. And One
     -Military Fashion Show, Fehlschlag, Love You to the End, Murder Murder

4. Helalyn Flowers
     -Sitting on the Moon, Unreal, Hybrid Moments, A Sweet and Deep Bomb in my Heart

5. The Birthday Massacre (I had to put it somewhere)
     - Goodnight, Lover's End, Weekend, Red Stars, In the Dark

6. Kerli
     -Army of Love, Walking On Air, Tea Party, Strange Boy

7. Elegant Machinery
     -Process, Move

8. Hurts

9. Berlin Express
     -Die Russen Kommen, The 4:08 to Paris

10. Indochine

Just to add on a bit that don't really fit in,

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Fashion Monster, Tsukema Tsukeru
Versailles Philharmonic Quartet- Zombie, Aristocrat's Symphony, Antique in the Future
Tommy Heavenly6- Black Paper Moon, Lollipop Candy Bad Girl
Magenta- Eccentricity
Kanon Wakeshima- Celsimia, Still Doll, Suna no Oshiro
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Bad Reputation, I Hate Myself for Loving You
Babymetal- Doki Doki Morning, Kibaobuakiba
Apocalyptica- Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman

I also really like non-Goth music that's might resonate

Paramore- Misguided Ghosts, Careful, Brick by Boring Brick
Labyrinth Ear- Amber, Lithium, Snow WHite
Clams Casino- Swervin, I'm God, Illest Alive
Purity Ring- Belispeak, Lofticries, Obedear
The Pretty Reckless- Make Me Wanna Die, Under Water
Regina Spektor- Samson, All the Rowboats, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Eet, Small Town Moon
The Title- Ever So Slightly
Unicorn Kid- Buttons, Wee Monsters
Avril Lavigne- Alice, I Can Do Better, The Best Damn Thing, Anything But Ordinary
Skrillex- Cinema, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Hey Sexy Lady

I think I might have lost the point of this post long, looooong ago

With Tight-Ass Pants and Monster Boots,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's Been Almost a Month

and I haven't posted anything. Life is catching up with me. I have theatre rehearsals, school, homework, and brownie-eating.
What should I do?
Should I recommend things?
Like brands, websites, books, movies, music, artists?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I honestly have a post waiting. A real one.
Buuuuut, today, good things have happened.
That's right.
Steampunk Hamlet.

I play Reynaldo. I only have 13 total lines and they're all in act 2 scene 1, but I DO HAVE LINES. AND AN ENTIRE SCENE DEVOTED TO ME. And if I know my theatre department, they'll add some funny ones.

But still

I've seen the inspo pictures for the designers (I'm an actor AND a costumer, so this is for me). One is one of the members of Abney Park, which I find amusing. There's also an Industrial Schwarze Szene guy and some form of Steam Loli. So, I'll be designing (maybe) and crafting (maybe) clothing and deff acting.

With buckled platforms and vintage brown material because Hamlet,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goth Challenge Day 4


Day 4 – Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

Ah. Let's see.
I really freak out about Halloween. I have three pairs of Halloween socks that I wear with Creepers. SPEAKING OF CREEPERS- How am I supposed to wear them without knobbly socks? I don't like it when my socks show unless they're supposed to, like stripey socks and such.

Back on track, I also like stompy boots. I really realllly like stompy boots. Is that a cliche? Kid with lank black hair, poor makeup skills, metal-studded bracelets, Evanescence tee, Tripp phat pants, and killer boots?

Well. My hair is black now, but I tease it most days. It couldn't be lank if it wanted.
I don't wear makeup anymore, because I look enough like a girl and it irks me.
I do have one studded bracelet, but they're tiny bronze-y sphere and not silver pyramid studs.
I don't own any band t shirts. This is a problem.
The only Tripp I own is a peacoat.
...I only have two pairs of killer platforms.

I don't really have anything else, so I'll share some pretty people on tumblr

Jupiter Crash and Corridors of Gender are both fabulicious, beautiful Deathrock girls. Their hair, makeup, and clothes are fabulous.

Girls and Boys of the Darkside post picture of - you guessed it - girls and boys of the dark side.

Cats, Bats, and Witches' Hats, thin cigarette , tahlulala , Toxic Tears , Psychara, Freak Out Already!, NEOGROTESK, Kaz Eckfeldt, Brokkenwings, Ozora Nazo, Unnoticed by Time, sleepless thoughts, She's Happy Because of Prozac, The Black Lace Dandy, Noel Winters, Stiff Kittens, Marko Androgynous, Sense of Decay, gothnrollx, thereal MURDEROTIC, khymeira &, and Gothic Charm School: pretty things all post selfies. And they're all beautiful.

With super skinny jeans and Trashville-518s (actually, my outfit for tomorrow!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goth Challenge Day 3

I'm sorry this is a day late. I had to do yard work yesterday and my internet went crazy for a bit. But, today is day four three of the Goth Challenge...When did you come out the Goth closet? (If you didn't then simply discuss the topic)

I didn't have a Goth coming-out per se. I kind of gradually slipped into it and hoped they would guess. I still refrain from calling myself a Goth, because down where I live, it means to be the stereotypical MallGoth, with Halloween makeup and long coats. Just like my last photo from my last post!
It started with...well, I talked about that last post.

Let me rant a little on the ignorance of the people in my area. I brought (stupidly) my copies of What is Goth? and Make it Black by Voltaire to school. Mostly to show off. I showed it to people and I assumed I wouldn't have to say it out loud, considering I was wear eyeliner and combat boots and carrying around a book that said 'What is Goth?' on it. Sadly, they didn't get it. At all.
I had a girl who sat beside on the bast last year who would give me the side-eye and say "Don't go Gothic".

So there. I'm watching Avatar the Last Airbender, so I can't be bothered to write any more.
With ripped fishnets and Siouxsie Sioux eyeliner,

Friday, August 10, 2012

Goth Challenge Day On - Two!

Due to blogger's block, I'll be doing Juliet's Lace's Goth Challenge! As soon as school starts back (10 days, kiddies...) I'll be doing sort-of-regular outfit posts.
I've sort of done day 1, so I'll skip ahead a day.

Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days.

 Oh dear.
Now, mind you all I've dropped 6-7 pants sizes since then, and insults are intolerable.

Let us share the very first BabyBat picture I have of myself.

The first photo not taken from the front
I don't particularly know how to start this. This was my first "dress-extravagantly-and-fix-your-hair" event. It was a friend's (who was a scene girl and therefore=k001) birthday and her sister took this picture. Before you are all suitably horrified, let me describe my outfit.
If I remember correctly, I was wearing awful dark blue bootcut jeans, black low-top Converse with black/white checkered laces, a fluffy tail, not one but TWO  Nightmare Before Christmas shirts layered together, a clip on tie, and snow-leopard clip-on ears. My hair was straightened and my eyes were kohled. Can you see the eye shadow? Nooo, because I didn't know how to use makeup and didn't use primer. To this day, I still won't wear makeup. I thought I was the height of Goth couture.
I don't remember what music I was listening to. I think I was vaguely interested in Kidneythieves and Velvet Acid Christ. Amazon recommended me to them after I rated all of Avril Lavigne's albums. She was the Goth idol of course.
This was sixth grade.

The first selfie
This was soon after my 12th birthday (also sixth grade). For that birthday, I had my first trip to Hot Topic. I was wearing my Hot Topic top hat, Hot Topic peacoat, Lip Service bondage pants, and combat boots. It seems like it could be a relatively good outfit now, 6 pants sizes down and at the opposite end of the upper-body sizes.
The eyeshadow was a bit better, but it had just been applied shortly before. I also smeared it across another boy's eyelid after he showed disloyalty.
I do still have the coat, hat, and pants (now cut-offs). The amazing army-issue combat boots sadly did not grow as my feet did and had to be thrown away.
As tribute to my MallGothyness, I was heading to a mall.  As part of a scholastic team. I bought a hat.

The height of my BabyBat-ism
There are no words to accurately describe my shame for this pictured weekend.
It was Voltaire's first live performance in my state and he was my favorite Gawff musician. There was a velvet cloak that went with this outfit. Let's just list everything I was wearing. The top hat (Hot Topic), vest (thrift store), dress shirt (sleeves cut off with a fork moments before because of *insert state here* heat; thrift store), shorts (thrift store), socks (internet), combat boots (storage unit sale), gloves (Spencer's Gifts), armwarmers (bought hours before at convention Voiltaire was performing at) necklace and bracelet (Rue21),  and white extensions (from the con as well). I'm sorry I typed so long. The makeup was, ironically enough, Halloween store black lipstick and too much eyeliner.
Anyway, Voltaire asked for volunteers to sing "When You're Evil" onstage with him. According to my step-sister (who has been cleverly edited out), a huge group of people pointed at me. I didn't know the lyrics, but no one noticed and I can't look at the pictures without wincing.

I knew you were all wondering when a picture like this would appear
This is the epitome of MallGoth. Long coat, Green Day t-shirt (incidentally, I don't and have never really liked them), Lip Service pants, Demonia Trashville 518 boots, striped arwarmer, mesh armwarmer, and spiked wristband. I am ashamed of this first photoshoot. I am not one of those Goths that looks fondly upon their BabyBat days. Not only because of the terrible outfits but my weight problem as well. Thank God that was fixed about three moths later. This was seventh grade winter break. Notice, the "corpse paint". I am very, very sorry.

There you are. My treacherous fashion journey into Goth.

With a pit of shame and newly dyed-black-and-trimmed hair

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mini Post-Black Nail Polish Tips

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I still have little to post about at the moment.
I do my nails every week or every week and a half. I live in Podunk America by the by. There are no beauty stores besides Sally's and I don't even know if they sell nail polish. I do, however, get my hair dye from Sally's.

How I Paint My Nails
  • First, I always take my nail polish off. I know it seems simple, but please don't try to paint over the nail growth and chips. It will be uneven and you'll be able to see where the chips were.
  • Then, I clip my nails.That part wasn't necessary to say. I like lonigsh nails on myself but the corners break and I have to take off the polish and do it all over again.
  • Then comes the base coat. I paint both hands at the same time and have a fain positioned so that it blows on my nails. I use OPI Base Coat. It dries in a minute or so.
  • I paint the left hand nails first. I try to only use one coat and one swipe. I used to use OPI in Onyx, but it tars up very quickly. I now use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails from Wal-Mart. I really hate using things that come from Wal-Mart unless it's socks or something no one sees. But Sally Hansen is very smooth and dries quickly. I find that the cheaper the nail polish, the less problems there are.
  • Also, try not to put too much on the brush. It's better to go over the nails twice than have too much polish because it takes them forever to dry and smudge several hours later.
  • After it dries, I put on top coat. It is necessary to use a top coat unless you're using matte polish. If you do not, it chips much more easily and when you go in the water it bubbles up and it can even slide off your nails in the shower.
  • Then I do the other hand, usually while watching anime.
  • After about 12 hours, the top coat somehow meshes with the polish and gets less shiny. I don't know how to explain.
I realize that this shouldn't be much help. TL;DR cheap nail polish works better.

Oh, personal time! I'm getting my hair cut and colored in 4 days. I can't have the long hair I have now when I start school in two weeks, so I'm getting it cut like Gerard Way during his long wet-looking black hair days.
Apparently I look sort of like him, so ok. I'm getting it colored blue black because I can't have green bangs, blue sideburns, a red crown, and purple tips at school either.

With wooden rosaries and Anne Rice novels

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Evolution and Spread of Japanese Fashion

I haven't made a post in forever. Brain block! Is that even what it's called? I don't know, but I have it.
What comes to mind when people say Japanese fashion? Harajuku, of course! I don't live anywhere near Asia, let alone Harajuku, so I'll use the combined might of Tokyo Fashion and 7 year old pictures from Wikipedia because Flickr is copyrighted!
See how it's a few Decora, with a couple of Lolita and (I believe) a Visual Kei guy in the background?
This is (I believe) pretty much what Harajuku was about in 2006. By the by, Wikipedia still covers Bosozuko as a Japanese fashion. They really need to update their subcultures.
Now, I'll post a few pictures of Tokyo Fashion's most popular looks.
Source for the 1st and 2nd and Source for the 3rd
 I don't really like trying to tell you how things are and how they used to be, but I'll try. As you can see, the last four pictures are from Tokyo Fashion.
You see how the very first picture has the sort-of childish looking Decora? And you you see how in the second and fourth photos, Lolita has sort of merged with Decora to create something like the Western Pastel Goth? That's what happened with Decora; it's still here.
Lolita is still just as popular. There were a lot of Lolita pictures to choose from, but I decided to use the one next to the Visual Kei guy in the amazing pants. It's still just as strong now-stronger, even, because it's in just about every country where there is internet. It's also gotten more complicated, no longer maid style dresses and headbands, but full-on Victorian doll fashion.
 Visual Kei is apparently still breathing (third photo), but there were next to no VK pictures, so it has deteriorated in casual fashion.
Japan still has it's own eclectic, unnamed fashion (fourth and fifth photos). It's still the mishmash of everything, just like it's always been.
(If you are highly interested in the fashion, Tokyo Fashion is a great place to find it. Most of them even give out tumblr accounts and blogs.)

What's popular now?
  • Platform sneakers and Converse are very popular, especially in the Deco-Lolita clan
  • Rocking horse shoes are also popular, and seen in just about every country where Lolitas or Japanese fashion enthusiasts are.
  • Creepers are not only popular in Japan, they're popular everywhere right now. The Japanese are usually seen with the odder ones, like silver metallic platform Creepers.
  • h. Naoto is as popular as ever. 
Everyone in Harajuku and Shibuya and such have such individual styles, it's hard to tell what's popular and what isn't besides footwear.

I'm very sorry if I left something obvious out, but if I did, it probably got swamped by my drooling over boots.

With candy striped legs the Spiderman comes,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review-Fight Like a Girl

DISCLAIMER- It is perfectly alright to like this album. I personally like a few songs, but wouldn't buy it. 
I don't actually have the album, I found it on YouTube because I was afraid of how bad it would be. Now let's review what Emilie has said about the album.
1.It will be very violent and passionate
2. It will be the fiction part of the book's soundtrack
I have read the book and I might post spoilers, so watch out if the price hasn't hit rock-bottom yet. I also haven't seen the live shows for this album and I have heard it is meant to be performed live. I'm doing son-by-song review, then rate the album overall.

1. Fight Like a Girl- I like the song. I think it's catchy (does that word apply to Goth-friendly music? Let's pretend I meant catchy as in catching bats), but I'm confused about what part of the book this is narrating. Perhaps it's a song meant to encompass the whole book? It could fit that. It's very empowering(?) and I usually feel like a warlord when I listen to it as I chase cats with scalpels and amputation swords.

2. Time for Tea- I can definitely tell which part of the book she's singing about. She's talking about the Tea Party Massacre in the book. That awkward part where she asks for hatchets and scalpels and what not is preparing for the massacre itself. And, if I remember correctly, she stabs "a filthy metal spike right in the middle of your forehead" is how she gets her revenge on Dr. Lymer. The song itself is a bit awkward, I think, but I have no idea why and still like the song.

3. 4 O 'Clock Reprise- I believe this is the first song played in the shows, as an introduction, yes? It's a lovely song on whatever various instruments she uses that I can't identify.
the song is most certainly not the hardcore song expected on the album. I also can't tell where in the book it is, unless it would be the song played in the opening credits of a movie. I award it 3 stars, because it is a good song, but has nothing to do with the album's concept.

4. What Will I Remember- I cannot lie. This song sounds like it should be on Beauty and the Beast. The Disney version. This is not at all hardcore. I can't hear the lyrics because she's mumbling, but I hear her speaking about what she's deciding and does it matter if she was born. This might be played when the buildig is burning down at the end of the book or when Emily finds herself wandering the streets of London.
5. Take the Pill- HERE is the perfect hardcore song I expected from this album. I think this song actually talks about how Emilie (in the nonfiction part of the book) feels pressured to take lots of medicine and how Emily (in the fiction part of the book) takes pills as well, but I don't remember if it was Dr. Lymer who mad her take them or if the food was drugged. Anyways, I could see this fitting in the book and it's supah hxc and the song isn't that bad,

6. Girls!Girls!Girls!- Part of the lyrics are directly taken from the Ophelia Gallery illustration in the books, so it's easy to see how this fits in. I have watched the live versions of this song and Contessa and Maggots are usually the ones to add their voices throughout the song, instead of Emilie's falsetto. I prefer their voices. The song sounds a bit too upbeat, even if it was normal in the book. It's definitely not hardcore, in fact, it's downright chipper. The song itself is okay.

7. I Don't Understand- Emilie what is your deal with using tunes and tones and music that sound like Disney movies. Not any movie, but Beauty and the Beast. About halfway through this song, it gets faster and crazier for 20 seconds, then goes back to the Belle and Adam sound. No matter how much I hate saying it, this song could be played at any optimistic part of the book, when she's just thinking about how glad she is to be there. Oh wait. That doesn't happen. But it could be played in the book, somewhere.

8. We Want Them Young- The beginning sounds like Tarzan. Then it goes into some symphony-type ordeal. The title has nothing to do with the book at all, and half the lyrics don't connect with anything. The song is suitably hxc. The song could be played in the book, except for the first minute or so. Because it sounds like a Disney movie. Odlly enough, after the first minute it reminds me of the play Cats, because I can see the Crumpets all coming out and dancing poorly to it.

9. If I Burn- I feel this is more classic Emilie. It has her usual style, more so than the rest of the album. It's borderline hardcore, so it passes. It sounds like it could be played in the book, but I don't know which part. Maybe sometime around when she's having her pictures taken? I just think it belongs there. I really like it. Edit- I have seen a story of an interview that Emilie created this song when she was hanging around with Courtney Love. The original is about witch burnings, apparently. I'm sure she edited it a bit to refer more to the book and whatnot.

10. Scavenger- For some obvious reason, I could see this being played when Basil is spying on Mournington or any scene with the rats. I just heard the phrase 'human traffic' so maybe it's meant to be played when she's getting her picture taken? It's a pretty gloomy, stifled anger song. I quite like it and it fits the book to me.

11. Gaslight- I have heard this song was pretty good live. The small piece she released on her Twitter didn't seem all that great to me, but I didn't dismiss it entirely. This sounds like a psychotic break down song. Like she's huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth,'s a bit hxc, but it doesn't pass the test. Of course it could be played when Emily is transferred to the other ward. It describes the other characters in the ward with her, I think. Especially the Captain ("they're cutting off her curls/and she's screaming" even though they shaved her head and her hair wasn't curly) and Veronica ("no one's coming to take me home").

12. The Key- It's definitely hxc. It is a direct reference to the book as well, when Madame Mournington gives her the key and the aftermath up till the Tea Party Massacre. In fact, it sounds almost like a direct reference to the book's text on the scene. I can't describe all of the references because there are SO MANY. She literally re-wrote this passage of the book.I'm not saying it's bad; I like how she did it. But, it isn't much of a song, more of her talking....musically.

13. Hell is Empty- It has a very Madam-Leona (from the Haunted Mansion movie) vibe to me. I can't quite tell what it describes in the book, but she went to a bit of trouble in the editing process to make it sound like a scene in the books. It is definitely not much of a song. Now that I think about it, the Madam Leona vibe could be an alliteration to the ghosts in the wallpaper in the book.

14. Gaslight Reprise- It sounds like a lonely Disney VHS crying out from your shelf to be put in the VCR you broke watching baby videos. Oh wait, that's me. It's not hardcore at all and would be played at the same time as the original Gaslight.

15. Goodnight Sweet Ladies- It seems like it could be a scene where the workers were 'tucking in' the inmates. But, now that I listen to the lyrics again, this is definitely meant to be the end of the book, where everyone dies. Could this be in order of the scenes they're supposed to be? No, because Time for Tea is the second song. It's not hxc, but is very relevant to the book.

16. Start Another Story- It's classic Emilie. I'm not at all sure what part of the book it's supposed to be (maybe an epilogue?) and it's sure as hell not hardcore in the slightest. Maybe it could have something to do with the pre-asylum days, with Sachiko, or perhaps Anne.

17. One Foot in Front of the Other Foot- I think this another empowerment song, where the girl's try to make everything better. Perhaps post-asylum and pre-death? "How do we change our prison to our sanctuary". Yep, that's it. It sounds like they're just trying to get by and need to keep going. It's very much so, according to the lyrics. It's more hopeful than hxc, but it describes the book well.

Over all, the album is slightly hxc and describes the book moderately. I'd appreciate it if Emilie told her fans what song went to which scene, so I could better tell how well she did at the soundtrack bit. I personally wouldn't buy the whole album, but the separate songs. It gets...*drumroll*
I averaged the total number of stars, by the way.

Note- You might notice that I'm a bit bitter about Emilie. I like her music more than I like her. She's just ridiculous sometimes.

With winklepickers and hair feather,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ruining Halloween

Michael's already has their Halloween stock out
You all probably know what this post is about. You're all smart little things with good heads on their shoulders.
Before I discuss the various ways Halloween is ruined, I'd like to be positive and focus on the good things about Halloween.
Halloween paraphernalia usually appears around September, but not this year. The picture to the left is a picture taken at Michael's a week ago by Bat-Cave-Beauty on tumblr. As you can all plainly see, it's absolutely fantastic. I've also heard tale of the almighty Target setting out their Halloween stock. According to their website, they're already selling costumes. Speaking of costumery, soon there will be plenty of goodies to wear year-round, like stripy tights, kitschy jewelry, and gloves made out of rich fabrics like polyester.
And do NOT get me started on Hobby Lobby's(the American HobbyCraft) Halloween decorations. At least half of the knick knacks in my room have come from Hobby Lobby. They usually put out their Halloween stock in September.

Now, it is time to discuss Halloween's downfall. I'll create a list of cleverly titled problems with Halloween.

The Kid-Friendly Crafts
Are you all familiar with the Oriental Trading Company? Have you seen their...disgustingly childish Halloween crafts? They will occasionally have some neat little stickers that are twenty bucks too expensive, but most of their stuff consists of orange paper leaves and foam pumpkin stickers. It's the way educational systems put a damper on Halloween, by taking away everything but the vegetation. I sound so anti-political.

The "Harvest Festival" Spiel
I don't mean all the goodness of the traditional Samhain, with it's bit of Festival of the Dead thrown in. I mean the mini-thanksgiving type event. If you have ever been to a church's Halloween event, you will understand. They pile hay bales into some trailer attached to a pickup truck and drive it around a field while you wait to be scared witless by vicious teenagers in masks that never appear. Then there's the event known as 'Trunk or Treating'. A line of cars with their hatches open filled with parents dressed as farmers giving out Tootsie Rolls. The event is usually a huge let down and all of the homeschool kids decide to be hardcore and hang out at the graveyard, awkwardly discussing relationships.

The Geriatric Christmas Movement
Faltly, this when old people give out hard candy whilst playing Christmas music and yelling at trick-or-treaters out after eight. They are the sole reason the word 'trick' is still in 'trick-or-treaters'.

The Fast-Forward Button
Have you ever turned on the normal people radio and heard Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer playing in September? Or seen cornucopias hanging in shop windows in October (American thing)? This is when all of the true weirdos decide to skip the "weirdo Satanic Pagan devil-worshipping Hell-bound deviants" holiday and attempt to hurry up the other holidays. They're portrayed in movies as the Scrooges of Halloween, who give out apples and dental floss instead of candy corn and gummy worms and go to bed early.

There you have it. This is what I deal with around Halloween. Note-I'm in the middle of the Bible Belt, in a town full of hicks who consider Walgreen's to be upscale. I know I didn't cover everything. I could always blog about how Goths are treated awkwardly during the Halloween season, but no one really bothers me personally about besides the usual daft remarks and harried looks. I don't feel comfortable blogging about things I haven't experienced. 

With candy corn smiles and fishnetted arms,