Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review-Fight Like a Girl

DISCLAIMER- It is perfectly alright to like this album. I personally like a few songs, but wouldn't buy it. 
I don't actually have the album, I found it on YouTube because I was afraid of how bad it would be. Now let's review what Emilie has said about the album.
1.It will be very violent and passionate
2. It will be the fiction part of the book's soundtrack
I have read the book and I might post spoilers, so watch out if the price hasn't hit rock-bottom yet. I also haven't seen the live shows for this album and I have heard it is meant to be performed live. I'm doing son-by-song review, then rate the album overall.

1. Fight Like a Girl- I like the song. I think it's catchy (does that word apply to Goth-friendly music? Let's pretend I meant catchy as in catching bats), but I'm confused about what part of the book this is narrating. Perhaps it's a song meant to encompass the whole book? It could fit that. It's very empowering(?) and I usually feel like a warlord when I listen to it as I chase cats with scalpels and amputation swords.

2. Time for Tea- I can definitely tell which part of the book she's singing about. She's talking about the Tea Party Massacre in the book. That awkward part where she asks for hatchets and scalpels and what not is preparing for the massacre itself. And, if I remember correctly, she stabs "a filthy metal spike right in the middle of your forehead" is how she gets her revenge on Dr. Lymer. The song itself is a bit awkward, I think, but I have no idea why and still like the song.

3. 4 O 'Clock Reprise- I believe this is the first song played in the shows, as an introduction, yes? It's a lovely song on whatever various instruments she uses that I can't identify.
the song is most certainly not the hardcore song expected on the album. I also can't tell where in the book it is, unless it would be the song played in the opening credits of a movie. I award it 3 stars, because it is a good song, but has nothing to do with the album's concept.

4. What Will I Remember- I cannot lie. This song sounds like it should be on Beauty and the Beast. The Disney version. This is not at all hardcore. I can't hear the lyrics because she's mumbling, but I hear her speaking about what she's deciding and does it matter if she was born. This might be played when the buildig is burning down at the end of the book or when Emily finds herself wandering the streets of London.
5. Take the Pill- HERE is the perfect hardcore song I expected from this album. I think this song actually talks about how Emilie (in the nonfiction part of the book) feels pressured to take lots of medicine and how Emily (in the fiction part of the book) takes pills as well, but I don't remember if it was Dr. Lymer who mad her take them or if the food was drugged. Anyways, I could see this fitting in the book and it's supah hxc and the song isn't that bad,

6. Girls!Girls!Girls!- Part of the lyrics are directly taken from the Ophelia Gallery illustration in the books, so it's easy to see how this fits in. I have watched the live versions of this song and Contessa and Maggots are usually the ones to add their voices throughout the song, instead of Emilie's falsetto. I prefer their voices. The song sounds a bit too upbeat, even if it was normal in the book. It's definitely not hardcore, in fact, it's downright chipper. The song itself is okay.

7. I Don't Understand- Emilie what is your deal with using tunes and tones and music that sound like Disney movies. Not any movie, but Beauty and the Beast. About halfway through this song, it gets faster and crazier for 20 seconds, then goes back to the Belle and Adam sound. No matter how much I hate saying it, this song could be played at any optimistic part of the book, when she's just thinking about how glad she is to be there. Oh wait. That doesn't happen. But it could be played in the book, somewhere.

8. We Want Them Young- The beginning sounds like Tarzan. Then it goes into some symphony-type ordeal. The title has nothing to do with the book at all, and half the lyrics don't connect with anything. The song is suitably hxc. The song could be played in the book, except for the first minute or so. Because it sounds like a Disney movie. Odlly enough, after the first minute it reminds me of the play Cats, because I can see the Crumpets all coming out and dancing poorly to it.

9. If I Burn- I feel this is more classic Emilie. It has her usual style, more so than the rest of the album. It's borderline hardcore, so it passes. It sounds like it could be played in the book, but I don't know which part. Maybe sometime around when she's having her pictures taken? I just think it belongs there. I really like it. Edit- I have seen a story of an interview that Emilie created this song when she was hanging around with Courtney Love. The original is about witch burnings, apparently. I'm sure she edited it a bit to refer more to the book and whatnot.

10. Scavenger- For some obvious reason, I could see this being played when Basil is spying on Mournington or any scene with the rats. I just heard the phrase 'human traffic' so maybe it's meant to be played when she's getting her picture taken? It's a pretty gloomy, stifled anger song. I quite like it and it fits the book to me.

11. Gaslight- I have heard this song was pretty good live. The small piece she released on her Twitter didn't seem all that great to me, but I didn't dismiss it entirely. This sounds like a psychotic break down song. Like she's huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth,'s a bit hxc, but it doesn't pass the test. Of course it could be played when Emily is transferred to the other ward. It describes the other characters in the ward with her, I think. Especially the Captain ("they're cutting off her curls/and she's screaming" even though they shaved her head and her hair wasn't curly) and Veronica ("no one's coming to take me home").

12. The Key- It's definitely hxc. It is a direct reference to the book as well, when Madame Mournington gives her the key and the aftermath up till the Tea Party Massacre. In fact, it sounds almost like a direct reference to the book's text on the scene. I can't describe all of the references because there are SO MANY. She literally re-wrote this passage of the book.I'm not saying it's bad; I like how she did it. But, it isn't much of a song, more of her talking....musically.

13. Hell is Empty- It has a very Madam-Leona (from the Haunted Mansion movie) vibe to me. I can't quite tell what it describes in the book, but she went to a bit of trouble in the editing process to make it sound like a scene in the books. It is definitely not much of a song. Now that I think about it, the Madam Leona vibe could be an alliteration to the ghosts in the wallpaper in the book.

14. Gaslight Reprise- It sounds like a lonely Disney VHS crying out from your shelf to be put in the VCR you broke watching baby videos. Oh wait, that's me. It's not hardcore at all and would be played at the same time as the original Gaslight.

15. Goodnight Sweet Ladies- It seems like it could be a scene where the workers were 'tucking in' the inmates. But, now that I listen to the lyrics again, this is definitely meant to be the end of the book, where everyone dies. Could this be in order of the scenes they're supposed to be? No, because Time for Tea is the second song. It's not hxc, but is very relevant to the book.

16. Start Another Story- It's classic Emilie. I'm not at all sure what part of the book it's supposed to be (maybe an epilogue?) and it's sure as hell not hardcore in the slightest. Maybe it could have something to do with the pre-asylum days, with Sachiko, or perhaps Anne.

17. One Foot in Front of the Other Foot- I think this another empowerment song, where the girl's try to make everything better. Perhaps post-asylum and pre-death? "How do we change our prison to our sanctuary". Yep, that's it. It sounds like they're just trying to get by and need to keep going. It's very much so, according to the lyrics. It's more hopeful than hxc, but it describes the book well.

Over all, the album is slightly hxc and describes the book moderately. I'd appreciate it if Emilie told her fans what song went to which scene, so I could better tell how well she did at the soundtrack bit. I personally wouldn't buy the whole album, but the separate songs. It gets...*drumroll*
I averaged the total number of stars, by the way.

Note- You might notice that I'm a bit bitter about Emilie. I like her music more than I like her. She's just ridiculous sometimes.

With winklepickers and hair feather,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ruining Halloween

Michael's already has their Halloween stock out
You all probably know what this post is about. You're all smart little things with good heads on their shoulders.
Before I discuss the various ways Halloween is ruined, I'd like to be positive and focus on the good things about Halloween.
Halloween paraphernalia usually appears around September, but not this year. The picture to the left is a picture taken at Michael's a week ago by Bat-Cave-Beauty on tumblr. As you can all plainly see, it's absolutely fantastic. I've also heard tale of the almighty Target setting out their Halloween stock. According to their website, they're already selling costumes. Speaking of costumery, soon there will be plenty of goodies to wear year-round, like stripy tights, kitschy jewelry, and gloves made out of rich fabrics like polyester.
And do NOT get me started on Hobby Lobby's(the American HobbyCraft) Halloween decorations. At least half of the knick knacks in my room have come from Hobby Lobby. They usually put out their Halloween stock in September.

Now, it is time to discuss Halloween's downfall. I'll create a list of cleverly titled problems with Halloween.

The Kid-Friendly Crafts
Are you all familiar with the Oriental Trading Company? Have you seen their...disgustingly childish Halloween crafts? They will occasionally have some neat little stickers that are twenty bucks too expensive, but most of their stuff consists of orange paper leaves and foam pumpkin stickers. It's the way educational systems put a damper on Halloween, by taking away everything but the vegetation. I sound so anti-political.

The "Harvest Festival" Spiel
I don't mean all the goodness of the traditional Samhain, with it's bit of Festival of the Dead thrown in. I mean the mini-thanksgiving type event. If you have ever been to a church's Halloween event, you will understand. They pile hay bales into some trailer attached to a pickup truck and drive it around a field while you wait to be scared witless by vicious teenagers in masks that never appear. Then there's the event known as 'Trunk or Treating'. A line of cars with their hatches open filled with parents dressed as farmers giving out Tootsie Rolls. The event is usually a huge let down and all of the homeschool kids decide to be hardcore and hang out at the graveyard, awkwardly discussing relationships.

The Geriatric Christmas Movement
Faltly, this when old people give out hard candy whilst playing Christmas music and yelling at trick-or-treaters out after eight. They are the sole reason the word 'trick' is still in 'trick-or-treaters'.

The Fast-Forward Button
Have you ever turned on the normal people radio and heard Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer playing in September? Or seen cornucopias hanging in shop windows in October (American thing)? This is when all of the true weirdos decide to skip the "weirdo Satanic Pagan devil-worshipping Hell-bound deviants" holiday and attempt to hurry up the other holidays. They're portrayed in movies as the Scrooges of Halloween, who give out apples and dental floss instead of candy corn and gummy worms and go to bed early.

There you have it. This is what I deal with around Halloween. Note-I'm in the middle of the Bible Belt, in a town full of hicks who consider Walgreen's to be upscale. I know I didn't cover everything. I could always blog about how Goths are treated awkwardly during the Halloween season, but no one really bothers me personally about besides the usual daft remarks and harried looks. I don't feel comfortable blogging about things I haven't experienced. 

With candy corn smiles and fishnetted arms,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Into Goth: The LGC Story

I've been having writer's block on posts lately, so I'm going with the classic "Tell the Story of How You Got Into Goth".
When I was four or five (don't think that this is where it starts out; oh no) I remember knowing the word "Goth". I remember getting on my ancient dial-up computer (1. I'm only fourteen; we had computers back then lol 2.I knew the internet could show me the wonders of the world I couldn't see because I didn't feel like going outside and learned how to operate the pc) and going on some simply-titled website that I believe was an early version of GoodGoth.
I remember spendin hours just perusing through spider earrings and coffin rings for hours on end. The site almost exclusively sold medieval-style clothing, which I tried to copy with purple and green markers because my black one was dried out.
I also remember a shot of a blond Goth in a red corset wearing the Goth boots; knee-high, lace-up, and with that odd heel that's shaped like a trumpet. I think that's what inspired me to write an absolutely horrid song that spoke of snakes and spiders and cobwebs. The karaoke machine possessed me.
My father's mother told me stories of when I would be on her balcony and point at the sky and speak gibberish. I then looked at her with a sparkle in my eyes and said, "Nana! I just conjured up some witches! Can you see 'em?"
She didn't see them.

I don't remember the first Goth I saw. I'm pretty sure I learned the term from television. My mother was...Gothy inclined. Her mother disapproved, so there are only two pictures of her in her suburban-90s Gothy finery; one where her amazing pomp is displayed while she lounges sedately on her bed in high waisted blue jeans and and a blue tie-dye t shirt. The other is a mirror picture of my mother composing the pomp while wearing dark makeup and a tattered GNR t shirt.

Now here comes where I actually got into Goth, instead of how I got influenced. Well, It was 2009, right after the EmoScene Empire and MySpace fell.
I discovered Emo.
I wanted it. I needed to be it. Sadly, it didn't work because that was the point at which my carbon footprint was largest. I have since lost that weight, but that has nothing to do with it. I started experimenting with makeup, wearing Nightmare Before Christmas and Naruto t shirts, and wearing black bootcut jeans with my first pair of Chucks. I'd say it was the start of the BabyBat phase. I was listening to anime theme songs back then, instead of real music.
It was a dark time in my life.
Also, I had a cat tail and clip on ties that I liked to wear.
It was a very, very dark time.

Then, I started losing the weight and perfecting my style until now I am a size small, six pants sizes down, and I'm fabulously stylish.

So there's my horrendous story of how I turned into the cute little Spook I am today.

With purple spectrum locks and Photoshopped piercings,

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gothy Comics

Inspired by this post at Stripey Tights and Dark Delights, which seems like it was written yesterday (and it was, if yesterday was thirteen days ago; shows how well I keep up with things), I've decided to compile a list of Goth-friendly comics. Not webcomics, mind you; that would be blatant copying. These comics will be the kind you find in volumes and issues. By the by, I'm only trusting myself to write about the ones I've read, so The Crow, Deady, and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac will not be on the list. Also, since all the manga-loving Goths I've talked with enjoy various series' beside Black Butler and Bizenghast, none will be discussed in detail.

Emily the Strange
In this post, Amy of STDD refers to Emily as a 'brat' when comparing Emily's 'girl power' to Siouxsie Sioux's. It is my mission in life to collect every issue of her comics and novels. I personally agree with the Emily vs Siouxsie comment (Emily, in the books and comics, has nothing to do with girl power, or grrl power; she's more of a loner than a feminist), but not with the name brat. Emily is truly an inspiration to us Gothy folk.
She wanders around towns after dark with four black cats trailing behind, exploring sewers, playing pranks on the dull townsfolk, and inventing wild things to make life more interesting and strange. I say 'towns' because Emily has to move towns every few months or the neighbors drive them out with pitchforks. There are four comic issues and an art book published by Dark Horse, four graphic novellas published by Chronicle Books, and four fantastic novels written from Emily's point of view as a diary published by HarperCollins. There's also a movie in the works, to be produced by Universal Studios' Illumination Entertainment. It has been officially announced that Chloe Moretz is to play the title character, which I think was the casting director picking the current movie sweetheart. Emily also has a clothing line of t-shirts for men and women with popular sayings such as "I want YOU to leave me alone" and "I know I'm strange, but what are you?" Emily's website can be found here.

Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl
Oh, Roman Dirge, one of the two most well-known artists in all of Gothy comicdom, the other being Jhonen Vasquez. Lenore is a black humor comic about the afterlife of a little girl who got sick and died, then came back as a cute little dead girl. The name and concept of the character are taken from Edgar Allen Poe's poem, Lenore. The plot usually involves Lenore doing something that would normally be harmless, like blowing the fluffy white things off of a dandelion, and end up causing extraordinary pain or gruesome deaths. There are many odd and unusual characters, such as her lovelorn stalker, Mr. Gosh, her mysterious neighbor, Taxidermy (take a look at this fabulous cosplay of him), and the artist himself.  Slave Labor Graphics publishes her series, which is (I believe) four seperate books, 14 or so issues, and two volumes. There are 26 animated shorts distriuted by Sony. There was talk of a film adaption, but the script was rejected. Dirge said at his 2011 Comic Con panel that " Neil Gaimajn has agreed to serve as an executive producer on a CGI film adaptation." Lenore's website can be found here.

Oh My Goth! 
Oh My Goth! is Voltaire's original satirical comic book that pokes fun at Goth. It start out with Heirmonyous Poshe, an alien who flies around in a spiky castle-shaped spaceship, searching for the Gates of Hell. He finds the Gates of Hell-a Goth club on Earth! Poshe and the denizens of the club go around having normal Gothy endeavors such as being chased by skeletal aliens and minions of Satan and going back in time to visit the ancestry of Goth. The entire comic is a a disguised version of events about Voltaire getting sidetracked while going to his shows. Voltaire is already known as a funny Goth musician, as well as a stop-motion animator, comic artist, author of a Goth guide and home decoration book, a toy maker, and professor at the School of Visual Arts. On a side note, I've seen him in concert. Sadly, it was the first and last concert I've been to and it was during my BabyBat stage and before I lost a lot of weight and knew how to apply makeup. And before I hit puberty, now that I think about it, so I was about 4'10, fat, ignorant about most of Goth, wearing a hideous outfit, in terrible makeup, and had a squeaky voice. GETTING BACK ON TRACK, Voltaire's web site can be found here

Sadman is a complicated series, so I won't be going into detail. In the Sandman universe, there are omnipowerful entities that also happen to anthropomorphic personifications of their names and control the world. They are called The Endless, and are Death, Destiny, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. The story follows Dream mostly, though a few issues are about the other Endless. I refuse to reveal any of the plot because I would have to go into excruciating detail. I'd just like to say that it's a wonderful series and has been recommended by Goths everywhere. And just to stroke your ego, it's been called the "intellectual's comic", so if anyone asks, you're educating yourself. Issues 1-46 were published by DC Comics. 47-75 were published by Vertigo. There are many, many spin offs and such, which I won't list because I haven't read any of them. You can visit the Wikipedia article to find them all. At this year's SDCC, Neil Gaiman announced that a new Sandman Project is in the works to explained the story of Dream before Preludes and Nocturnes. Sandman doesn't have it's own website, but Neil Gaiman does.

Here is a list of other comics and manga popular with Goths:
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Johnen Vasquez
  • Squee by Jhonen Vasquez
  • Vampire Kisses: Blood Relative by Ellen Schreiber and REM (#3 Elisa Kwon)
  • Elfen Lied by Rin Okamoto
  • Black Butler by Yana Toboso
  • Bizenghast by M Alice LeGrow
  • The Crow by James O'Barr
  • Wet Moon by Ross Campbell
  • Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin
  • Deady by Voltaire
  • Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro by Satoko Kiyuduki 
  • Rozen Maiden by Peach-Pit
  • Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
  • Nightschool by Svetlana Chmakova
  • Nightmares and Fairy Tales by Serena Valentino
  • Hellblazer by DC Comics and Vertigo
  • Gloomcookie by Serena Valentino
  • How Loathsome by Ted Naifeh and Tristan Crane
  • Little Gloomy by Landry Walker and Eric Jones
  •  Vampires Unlimited by Bart Thompson
I'm sorry this post was so long, Goths like comics and I like writing. Also, if I missed any comics (physical comics), just tell me in the comments!

With teased hair and ankh pendants,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pastel Goth, Nu Goth, and Hipster Goth

I know, second post on my first day, faux pas. But I was browsing tumblr, like I am for at least 18 hours a day, when I noticed hate on Pastel Goth. I personally love how PG combines little decora and lolita type fashion with Goth. I've also noticed hate on Nu Goth and Hipster Goth. They aren't quite as appealing to me as PG, but I still admire them for the same fusion with goth.

Examples of Pastel Goth

Image 1 found here
Flowertuner is a great example of pastel/loli/deco fashion. I really have no name for it. Notice how the Gothy influence comes in with the patterns, such as the skull-and-crossbones pattern on the blouse and zombie unicorn pattern on the dress. If they had a different print, such as a pastel and gingham, it could be considered lolita. Well, it could if it was a bit longer and bell-shaped. Eyeballs (on the bowie) are commonly found in Pastel Goth, to add in a little creepy to the cute. Her platform boots are Demonia, if I might add. I personally love this outfit and I follow this girl on tumblr.

Image 2 found here
Here lies one of the most contorversial aspects of Pastel Goth: the inverted cross. Goths don't like it. Why? Many Goths starting out have used the inverted cross as a rebellious symbol against religion. It isn't. The inverted cross (known as the Cross of St. Peter) is a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus' disciple Peter. I'm not sure why PGs like it so much; you can ask a few, if you'd like. Another huge aspect of PG  fashion is the hair. Irodohieru (on the left) is wearing a wig. It utilizes (what looks like) your hair as an accessory to match any outfit. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. It's possible, though not as versatile, to dye your hair a pastel color if you wish. I understand many people put conditioner in their dye to lighten the color. And vice versa to make it last.

Examples of Nu Goth
Image 3 found here
This Lookbook is absolutely filled with Nu Goth. I see Nu Goth as an unholy alliance with current mainstream fashion, 90s revival fashion, and how the mainstream sees Goth. The mainstream part of the fashion are the shoes. You cannot see them in this shot, but the most popular shoes with the Nu Goth and fashion-forward crowd are Jeffrey Campbells, particularly their Litas and recent collaboration with Blackmilk. The 90s revival comes in with the infatuation with high-waisted denim shorts (seen here), Americana, photo-editing (also seen here), and round John Lennon-esque glasses. Now, here comes what gets Goth's skull print panties in a twist. Nu Goth takes what the media sees about Goth fashion (spikes, chains, studs, leather, monochromatic color scheme) and uses it. Notice the black and white clothes, spiked headband, and (not seen) shirts with 'edgy' prints.
 Image 4 found here
Now, at the opposite end of the color spectrum, another example of NG. Note that the model is the same, but the hair is different. What does that mean? A wig, of course! That is one similarity NG has with PG. ALSO, notice the cross and love of studs/spikes; another similarity that causes people to confuse the two!
The model has a habit of posing in a melancholy/edgy way, both of which are moods that are seen as 'Goth Moods'. I AM NOT SAYING NU GOTH IS BAD. No, I'm simply acting as if they are a species of their own and imitating Steve Irwin as I type and pointing out why Goths don't like them. I personally do.

Examples of Hipster Goth

Image 5 found here
Nu Goth and Hipster Goth are very similar. In fact, you could say they're different facets of the same fashion. I'd say the main difference is that HGs are essentially dark indie folk and hipsters at heart; therefore, they have nothing to do with mainstream fashion. They also accept color, but there wasn't a good transition word to include that. This HG is employing the use of layered skirts. There is a long, sheer-ish, sometimes interestingly patterned skirt paired with a shorter, non-sheer one underneath. Her hair is also dip-dyed, which, I've noticed, is a trend in the HG and NG scene.
Image 6 found here
Ooh! This is the first male PG, NG, or HG I've seen! The beanie, glasses, and skinny jeans are reminiscent of Hipster fashion, but the charcoal color gives it a slightly Gothy flavor. His hair actually reminds me of flowy RomantiGoth hair. That image tickles me so. The cross necklace gives it Gothy iconography. The shoes are interesting because I can't identify them. Hm.

Image 7 found here (I tried lookbooking for this, but couldn't find it; if you know the true source, please tell me) Ah, Creepers! They are truly a Hipster Goth staple. They come in suede, leather, polyurethane, in just about every color and pattern, double sole and single, wedge, knee high, ankle, etc...This HG also sports ripped tights, which is actually an aspect of NG fashion. Tights in general are popular in every fashion style in this post; solid black for all, bat-print, polka-dot, and heart print are popular with the Pastels, the Nus prefer ripped, ribbed, and sheer, while the Hipster Goths seem to enjoy space print, sheer stripes, and other interesting patterns.

So, all in all, these pastel, bewigged, and dip-dyed stepchildren (dare I say it?) of Goth aren't bad. They're just new. They may stay as long as Goth or fizzle out. Some of them could be close-minded ignorant bastards, but some Goths are. You'll find some in every subculture. So, please, treat them like you would treat any person.

All picture are labelled with their sources and none belong to me.

Thanks for putting up with me and getting ahead of myself on BlogSpot
With striped socks and clunky boots,

REVIEW-Demonia Fierce 130s

Thank you for viewing this first installment of the (reloaded) Adventures of LittleGothCat!

I recently bought these boots from Sinister Soles

(Image courtesy of Amazon's Listing )
They are the beautiful, glorious, magnificent, evangelical Demonia Fierce 130s. I plan on using them as everyday boots. They certainly seem sturdy enough; I managed to walk to a local thrift store. They feel just as comfortable as combat boots (not like Gothy combat boots; like army-issue combats).
They have the typical Demonia style tight calf and slightly overlarge foot, just like my Trashville 518s. Speaking of those, I might need to mention size.
I'm sure if you've ever seen Demonia listings on any site whatsoever, you've seen their notice about ordering a size or two above normal. That is not the case with any of their shoes, of which I own three pairs.
I ordered my size in Converse sneakers, 9. They fit perfectly. My Creepers and Trashvilles are both 10s. The Trashvilles fit fine in the calf (they're knee-highs) because I've adjusted the buckles to a very low...hole? But the feet are already oversize, so I can write fanfiction with my toes in them. My Creepers...oh dear. I can't wear them often because they look so awkward. I have to stuff the toes and the laces dont lace tight enough on my foot. I have slightly wide feet, so, wide feet or no, BUY YOUR REGULAR SIZE.
Unless your feet are very long/very wide.

  • Very comfortable, similar to combat boots
  • Attractive from every angle
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Good fit
  • Wonky sizing
  • Tight on calves, but not uncomfortably so

So there you have it, my first reloaded post and my first review
Forever Booted,

P.s. Sorry I don't have any pictures of mine. My phone's picture quality is absolute crap, my camera died about a year ago, and I'm not allowed to touch my step-dad's.