Friday, August 10, 2012

Goth Challenge Day On - Two!

Due to blogger's block, I'll be doing Juliet's Lace's Goth Challenge! As soon as school starts back (10 days, kiddies...) I'll be doing sort-of-regular outfit posts.
I've sort of done day 1, so I'll skip ahead a day.

Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days.

 Oh dear.
Now, mind you all I've dropped 6-7 pants sizes since then, and insults are intolerable.

Let us share the very first BabyBat picture I have of myself.

The first photo not taken from the front
I don't particularly know how to start this. This was my first "dress-extravagantly-and-fix-your-hair" event. It was a friend's (who was a scene girl and therefore=k001) birthday and her sister took this picture. Before you are all suitably horrified, let me describe my outfit.
If I remember correctly, I was wearing awful dark blue bootcut jeans, black low-top Converse with black/white checkered laces, a fluffy tail, not one but TWO  Nightmare Before Christmas shirts layered together, a clip on tie, and snow-leopard clip-on ears. My hair was straightened and my eyes were kohled. Can you see the eye shadow? Nooo, because I didn't know how to use makeup and didn't use primer. To this day, I still won't wear makeup. I thought I was the height of Goth couture.
I don't remember what music I was listening to. I think I was vaguely interested in Kidneythieves and Velvet Acid Christ. Amazon recommended me to them after I rated all of Avril Lavigne's albums. She was the Goth idol of course.
This was sixth grade.

The first selfie
This was soon after my 12th birthday (also sixth grade). For that birthday, I had my first trip to Hot Topic. I was wearing my Hot Topic top hat, Hot Topic peacoat, Lip Service bondage pants, and combat boots. It seems like it could be a relatively good outfit now, 6 pants sizes down and at the opposite end of the upper-body sizes.
The eyeshadow was a bit better, but it had just been applied shortly before. I also smeared it across another boy's eyelid after he showed disloyalty.
I do still have the coat, hat, and pants (now cut-offs). The amazing army-issue combat boots sadly did not grow as my feet did and had to be thrown away.
As tribute to my MallGothyness, I was heading to a mall.  As part of a scholastic team. I bought a hat.

The height of my BabyBat-ism
There are no words to accurately describe my shame for this pictured weekend.
It was Voltaire's first live performance in my state and he was my favorite Gawff musician. There was a velvet cloak that went with this outfit. Let's just list everything I was wearing. The top hat (Hot Topic), vest (thrift store), dress shirt (sleeves cut off with a fork moments before because of *insert state here* heat; thrift store), shorts (thrift store), socks (internet), combat boots (storage unit sale), gloves (Spencer's Gifts), armwarmers (bought hours before at convention Voiltaire was performing at) necklace and bracelet (Rue21),  and white extensions (from the con as well). I'm sorry I typed so long. The makeup was, ironically enough, Halloween store black lipstick and too much eyeliner.
Anyway, Voltaire asked for volunteers to sing "When You're Evil" onstage with him. According to my step-sister (who has been cleverly edited out), a huge group of people pointed at me. I didn't know the lyrics, but no one noticed and I can't look at the pictures without wincing.

I knew you were all wondering when a picture like this would appear
This is the epitome of MallGoth. Long coat, Green Day t-shirt (incidentally, I don't and have never really liked them), Lip Service pants, Demonia Trashville 518 boots, striped arwarmer, mesh armwarmer, and spiked wristband. I am ashamed of this first photoshoot. I am not one of those Goths that looks fondly upon their BabyBat days. Not only because of the terrible outfits but my weight problem as well. Thank God that was fixed about three moths later. This was seventh grade winter break. Notice, the "corpse paint". I am very, very sorry.

There you are. My treacherous fashion journey into Goth.

With a pit of shame and newly dyed-black-and-trimmed hair


  1. Holy.lee.cow.

    Those boots.

    DUDE. I DIDN'T EVEN LOOK GOTH WHEN I WAS A BABYBAT! Be thankful.. in some ways :P

    1. They were a Christmas present :)
      I didn't look Goth as a BabyBat either, I just had some Gothy pieces.

  2. Oh gawd, you should have seen my first Goth days ..

    And those are killer boots o_o

    1. I love seeing people's first Goth days! Post it post it post it!

      They are indeed killer boots ^_^ My friends call them Kitty Crushers.

  3. Very cool :]