Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mini Post-Black Nail Polish Tips

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I still have little to post about at the moment.
I do my nails every week or every week and a half. I live in Podunk America by the by. There are no beauty stores besides Sally's and I don't even know if they sell nail polish. I do, however, get my hair dye from Sally's.

How I Paint My Nails
  • First, I always take my nail polish off. I know it seems simple, but please don't try to paint over the nail growth and chips. It will be uneven and you'll be able to see where the chips were.
  • Then, I clip my nails.That part wasn't necessary to say. I like lonigsh nails on myself but the corners break and I have to take off the polish and do it all over again.
  • Then comes the base coat. I paint both hands at the same time and have a fain positioned so that it blows on my nails. I use OPI Base Coat. It dries in a minute or so.
  • I paint the left hand nails first. I try to only use one coat and one swipe. I used to use OPI in Onyx, but it tars up very quickly. I now use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails from Wal-Mart. I really hate using things that come from Wal-Mart unless it's socks or something no one sees. But Sally Hansen is very smooth and dries quickly. I find that the cheaper the nail polish, the less problems there are.
  • Also, try not to put too much on the brush. It's better to go over the nails twice than have too much polish because it takes them forever to dry and smudge several hours later.
  • After it dries, I put on top coat. It is necessary to use a top coat unless you're using matte polish. If you do not, it chips much more easily and when you go in the water it bubbles up and it can even slide off your nails in the shower.
  • Then I do the other hand, usually while watching anime.
  • After about 12 hours, the top coat somehow meshes with the polish and gets less shiny. I don't know how to explain.
I realize that this shouldn't be much help. TL;DR cheap nail polish works better.

Oh, personal time! I'm getting my hair cut and colored in 4 days. I can't have the long hair I have now when I start school in two weeks, so I'm getting it cut like Gerard Way during his long wet-looking black hair days.
Apparently I look sort of like him, so ok. I'm getting it colored blue black because I can't have green bangs, blue sideburns, a red crown, and purple tips at school either.

With wooden rosaries and Anne Rice novels

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