Monday, October 8, 2012

Subcultures from around the Globe- Poppare

Do we all remember this post from The Walrus Room (I cannot believe that was in March)? I have done some research and that wonderful, eye-opening post it just the tip of the poppare iceberg.
Disco Princess Panda by Panda...
There are three main types of Poppare:
-Panda or Panda Poppare

 I'm going to be a bit vague around the whole style. Poppare is a Swedish youth subculture that literally means "someone that listens to pop music". They all share a love of indie pop, particularly Broder Daniel, and big hair in what I have lovingly christened "Poofy Princess Puff Puff Hair". They aren't a very strong subculture; I've noticed that it peaked in 2006-2009, right around the MySpace emo/scene days. The subculture is almost dead, excluding a few brave souls, including the panda at the top of the page, towe. It's apparently slowly reviving over Facebook and Kent festivals and such.

Let's start with Glitterpoppare
Glitterpoppare is pretty much dead, according to this article. They listen to happier indie pop and are similar to the Japanese fashion decora. It is described as what I relate to the 7th grade emo phase. It occurs in the early teens and fizzles into something else.

Then there's regular poppare
Poppare is hard to define in it's general form. This poppare is only known as Bobski. They're known for wearing band t-shirts with striped undershirts, which is very similar to our emo and scene. To add to that image, they typically wear lots of eyeliner, colorful children's accessories, super skinny jeans, and side parted fringe of any color. They are different from our scene girls; they glue confetti stars under their eyes to resemble their favorite musicians. The music and those stars under their eyes are the only difference between them and our scenexcores.

Last, and sure as hell not least, Panda Poppares
Panda is the most recognizable and the strictest of all poppare. I don't like making things so black and white (PUN INTENDED), but this truly is a pretty strict subculture. There MUST be a perfect black or blond huge princessy bob. Though I'm not sure if it's a rule, the only colors worn are black and white, with a bit of red. I've seen it compared to mod and I'm sure it could be, but I don't know much about that subculture. Polka dots, checks, hounds-tooth, and double sided fabric seems to be popular, and possibly stripes. Shoes are kind of iffy, but lean toward Mary Janes, Doc Martens, what I have decided will be called 50s schoolgirl shoes, and the platforms pictured above. Any 50s-style shirt is fine, so long as it's modest. Tights are almost always worn. Why are they called pandas? Look at the makeup and their wardrobes. Broder Daniel seems o be worshipped by this branch of poppare the most, because they're usually seen with a BD bag and/or button.

Music is nearly all Swedish Indie Pop, but there is some traditional Goth thrown in. Popular artists include Broder Daniel, Kent, Håkan Hellström, The Cure, The Smiths, Almedalen, Timo Räisänen, Laakso, Markus Schulz, Morrissey, Belle & Sebastian, Theodor Jensen, Florence And The Machine, Mando Diao, Hästpojken, Elmo, North Pole, Lasse Lindh, Secure!, Epelectric, Sugarplum Fairy, Kristian Anttila, Franz Ferdinand, The Knife, Bob Dylan, Johnossi, Honey Is Cool, Lykke Li, and The Jesus And Mary Chain. It's actually pretty good, so listen to some of it! Source  

That's all there is that I could grasp. Enjoy!

With a teased, matted nest upon his head,

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