Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Evolution and Spread of Japanese Fashion

I haven't made a post in forever. Brain block! Is that even what it's called? I don't know, but I have it.
What comes to mind when people say Japanese fashion? Harajuku, of course! I don't live anywhere near Asia, let alone Harajuku, so I'll use the combined might of Tokyo Fashion and 7 year old pictures from Wikipedia because Flickr is copyrighted!
See how it's a few Decora, with a couple of Lolita and (I believe) a Visual Kei guy in the background?
This is (I believe) pretty much what Harajuku was about in 2006. By the by, Wikipedia still covers Bosozuko as a Japanese fashion. They really need to update their subcultures.
Now, I'll post a few pictures of Tokyo Fashion's most popular looks.
Source for the 1st and 2nd and Source for the 3rd
 I don't really like trying to tell you how things are and how they used to be, but I'll try. As you can see, the last four pictures are from Tokyo Fashion.
You see how the very first picture has the sort-of childish looking Decora? And you you see how in the second and fourth photos, Lolita has sort of merged with Decora to create something like the Western Pastel Goth? That's what happened with Decora; it's still here.
Lolita is still just as popular. There were a lot of Lolita pictures to choose from, but I decided to use the one next to the Visual Kei guy in the amazing pants. It's still just as strong now-stronger, even, because it's in just about every country where there is internet. It's also gotten more complicated, no longer maid style dresses and headbands, but full-on Victorian doll fashion.
 Visual Kei is apparently still breathing (third photo), but there were next to no VK pictures, so it has deteriorated in casual fashion.
Japan still has it's own eclectic, unnamed fashion (fourth and fifth photos). It's still the mishmash of everything, just like it's always been.
(If you are highly interested in the fashion, Tokyo Fashion is a great place to find it. Most of them even give out tumblr accounts and blogs.)

What's popular now?
  • Platform sneakers and Converse are very popular, especially in the Deco-Lolita clan
  • Rocking horse shoes are also popular, and seen in just about every country where Lolitas or Japanese fashion enthusiasts are.
  • Creepers are not only popular in Japan, they're popular everywhere right now. The Japanese are usually seen with the odder ones, like silver metallic platform Creepers.
  • h. Naoto is as popular as ever. 
Everyone in Harajuku and Shibuya and such have such individual styles, it's hard to tell what's popular and what isn't besides footwear.

I'm very sorry if I left something obvious out, but if I did, it probably got swamped by my drooling over boots.

With candy striped legs the Spiderman comes,

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