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Goth Challenge- Day 7

I do have an idea for a post! But, until Halloween, that post will not be typed. Until then, I'll be doing memes and OOTDs when I have the energy to upload them.

Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.

I honestly don't like enough legit Goth music to do this properly. I like The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Jack Off Jill, and Cinema Strange. Do they even count?
So I'm going to be doing this by genres of Goth-friendly music to make it seem like I've put thought into this. And just for giggles, I'll add in my favorite songs.

I WILL ATTEMPT- TradGoth and Associated

1. The Cure (the entire album Disintegration)
      -Disintegration, Closedown, Last Dance, The LoveCats, Friday I'm In Love

2. Siouxsie and the Banshees (I like pretty much all of it, but don't have much experience with them)
      -Happy House, Kiss Them For Me

3. Jack Off Jill
      -Witch Hunt, Strawberry Gashes

4. Cinema Strange
      -Intermezzo Bright Violet Euphoria, Greensward Grey

5. The Smiths
      -How Soon is Now, What She Said, The Headmaster Ritual

6. Sisters of Mercy
      -Lucretia My Reflection

7. A Flock of Seagulls
      -Wishing, Telecommunication, Space Age Love Song

8. Skeletal Family
      -Promised Land

9. Strawberry Switchblade
      -Jolene, Since Yesterday, Being Cold, Go Away

10. Asylum Party
     -The Desert

The Cabaret-Type Things

1. Emilie Autumn (I disapprove of her, but her music is gorge, she's extremely attractive, and I own her book)
     -A Cure?, Medicate with Tea, If I Burn, Swallow, Liar, Shallott, Rose Red, Rapunzel

2. The Dresden Dolls
     -Backstabber, Girl Anachronism, Mandy Goes to Med School, Me and the Minibar

3. Amanda Palmer
     -Strength Through Music, Oasis, Astronaut, Runs in the Family, Map of Tasmania

4. Evelyn Evelyn
     -Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn, Evelyn Evelyn, Sandy Fishnets, Elephant Elephant

5. Abney Park
     -Dear Ophelia, Building Steam, Sacrilege, The Emperor's Wives, Sleep Isabella

6. Hannah Fury
     -Away, Meathook, The Necklace of Marie Antoinette, Angels and Absinthe

7. Voltaire
     -Goodnight Demonslayer, Brains!, Zombie Prostitute, The Vampire Club, Ex-Lover's Lover

8. The Sucker Punch Soundtrack
     -Sweet Dreams, White Rabbit, Where is My Mind?, Asleep

9. Rasputina
     -Transylvanian Concubine, Dig Ophelia

10. Creature Feature

The Dreaded Adora BatBrat-esque Synthare Electro Based Goth That Everyone is Scared of

1. Kraftwerk
     -Showroom Dummies

2. Assemblage 23
     -Damaged, Madman's Dream

3. And One
     -Military Fashion Show, Fehlschlag, Love You to the End, Murder Murder

4. Helalyn Flowers
     -Sitting on the Moon, Unreal, Hybrid Moments, A Sweet and Deep Bomb in my Heart

5. The Birthday Massacre (I had to put it somewhere)
     - Goodnight, Lover's End, Weekend, Red Stars, In the Dark

6. Kerli
     -Army of Love, Walking On Air, Tea Party, Strange Boy

7. Elegant Machinery
     -Process, Move

8. Hurts

9. Berlin Express
     -Die Russen Kommen, The 4:08 to Paris

10. Indochine

Just to add on a bit that don't really fit in,

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Fashion Monster, Tsukema Tsukeru
Versailles Philharmonic Quartet- Zombie, Aristocrat's Symphony, Antique in the Future
Tommy Heavenly6- Black Paper Moon, Lollipop Candy Bad Girl
Magenta- Eccentricity
Kanon Wakeshima- Celsimia, Still Doll, Suna no Oshiro
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Bad Reputation, I Hate Myself for Loving You
Babymetal- Doki Doki Morning, Kibaobuakiba
Apocalyptica- Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman

I also really like non-Goth music that's might resonate

Paramore- Misguided Ghosts, Careful, Brick by Boring Brick
Labyrinth Ear- Amber, Lithium, Snow WHite
Clams Casino- Swervin, I'm God, Illest Alive
Purity Ring- Belispeak, Lofticries, Obedear
The Pretty Reckless- Make Me Wanna Die, Under Water
Regina Spektor- Samson, All the Rowboats, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Eet, Small Town Moon
The Title- Ever So Slightly
Unicorn Kid- Buttons, Wee Monsters
Avril Lavigne- Alice, I Can Do Better, The Best Damn Thing, Anything But Ordinary
Skrillex- Cinema, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Hey Sexy Lady

I think I might have lost the point of this post long, looooong ago

With Tight-Ass Pants and Monster Boots,

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