Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I honestly have a post waiting. A real one.
Buuuuut, today, good things have happened.
That's right.
Steampunk Hamlet.

I play Reynaldo. I only have 13 total lines and they're all in act 2 scene 1, but I DO HAVE LINES. AND AN ENTIRE SCENE DEVOTED TO ME. And if I know my theatre department, they'll add some funny ones.

But still

I've seen the inspo pictures for the designers (I'm an actor AND a costumer, so this is for me). One is one of the members of Abney Park, which I find amusing. There's also an Industrial Schwarze Szene guy and some form of Steam Loli. So, I'll be designing (maybe) and crafting (maybe) clothing and deff acting.

With buckled platforms and vintage brown material because Hamlet,

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