Friday, July 26, 2013

Why I Prefer the Terms 'Alternative' and 'Majority Culture'

This is a very small issue and probably does not deserve an entire blog post.
It kind of irks me when people hate on the term 'alternative'.

Explanation after the jump. 

First off,
I identify as Goth, yes.
That does not mean I am limited to Goth.
Hanging out with non-Goths does not take away your Goth.
I identify with people that are not Goth.
I identify with post-punk, deathrock, punk, all of the darker subcultures, because my fashion and music tastes and influences are similar and overlap.
I identify as a Goth and also as part of the darker subcultures.
But it doesn't end there.
I identify with the people of any 'sub' culture.
But what exactly is a subculture?
(from Wikipedia)
  • In sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies, a subculture is a group of people within a culture that differentiates themselves from the larger culture to which they belong
I can identify with lolitas, I can identify with ganguro, I can identify with poppare, I can identify with Human Barbies.
We are all different from the masses, the 'regular' people, the 'normies'. Most likely, people will stare whether you're decked out in ripped fishnets and platform boots or a pastel JSK with a curly blond wig.
That is what I identify with, people who get stared at in the grocery store.
Now, bringing this back to the term 'alternative', what are your choices in culture?
You can choose the same culture the 'majority' choose- most of the people you go/went to school with- the same culture.
Or, you choose the alternative to it.
The subculture.

On another note, I don't identify with subcultures that have been appropriated into mass culture. Are they still subcultures? I don't think so.
They've become majority.

Okay, my spiel is over, I'm done.


  1. Good post, I like it. It is true, subcultures should stick together. Although they often don't. I too am inspired by a lot of different cultures, most notably Gothic and Steampunk. Although even if Steampunk eventually makes it to the mainstream, I won't care, because it is so wonderful!

    Also everytime I run out of the house in something boring because I am in a hurry I seem to run into wonderfully dressed alternative looking people. nooooooooo....

  2. I use the term "alternative" often as well. I never knew it was generally disliked...I don't see why.