Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Non-Goth Fashion Idols

You're not going to see any of the usual idols here, like Emilie Autumn, or Razor Candi, or dead old ladies (reference!!).
Sure, I love their looks and style, and hell yeah I'd wear it, but I feel like Goth mixed with other styles suits me more.
I'm really influenced by deathrock, tradgoth, hipster fashion, 2008 scene fashion, 80s/90s revival, and Harajuku. That's definitely a melting pot and I've talked about a lot of it before, but I like it and think it works.

Usually known by her stage name, Grimes, Claire has this 90s revival, thrift witch, alternative thing going on that I really like. It's like...ordered chaos. Maybe. I just really like it and tend to incorporate the oversized tops and outerwear with odd themes into my wardrobe. I succeed.
I actually really want to be her best friend, she's the coolest.


Alice (of Crystal Castles) is inspired fashion wise by dead old ladies. I can really appreciate that. I like the way her clothes seem very kinderwhore influence, but they aren't really kinderwhore. She's a sweet old granny holding onto her youth. There's also a very childish vibe going on here that I really like and attempt to emulate on occasion.

My favorite thing about Charli XCX is how she combines her various styles of clothing. She has very 80s hair paired with very 90s and very cyber clothes and accessories. Plus, she has the 300$ Buffalo platform sneakers I've coveted for ages.

These are my really constant inspirations towards fashion and this has been an unintelligible post

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