Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding Goth Clothing and My Own Wardrobe.

I've decided that since I never have inspiration and am terrified of discussing controversial issues, I would like to talk about my favorite subject.


I really, really love clothes. I love shopping. I love just looking at clothes, organizing, designing, everything about clothes.

Finding clothes? That's easier than you would think by the amount of posts about it on Goth blogs.

(Insert essential photo of Strawberry Switchblade)

Tips on finding clothes for the Gothy inclined
  1. KNOW YOUR LOCAL THRIFT STORES, CONSIGNMENT SHOPS, AUCTION HOUSES, AND FLEA MARKETS. People will donate their clothing because it's no longer fashionable. That means vintage. The word 'vintage' should just set your soul on fire. Some thrift stores stock better selection in different areas. For example, there's a Mission Possible thrift store about an hour away from my house - incidentally where the rich, old white people of my state live - that specialize in jackets, tshirts, shoes, knick knacks, and movies. It's no good in pants, button down shirts, suits, or furniture and the like. All of the aforementioned places get new stock constantly. Know their stock days and discounts.
  2. EBAY IS YOUR FRIEND. EBay is not my friend. I do not have enough money to bid on things when I need it. However, if you have a substantial amount of money all the time, EBAY IS YOUR FRIEND. You will never know. Never.
  3. KNOW YOUR ONLINE STORES. I know every single one of you reading this has googled 'goth clothing store'. Yeah, do that, find your favorites. Do NOT make the mistake of limiting yourself to stores specifically catering to Goths. Any alternative stores- including solestruck, UNIF, modcloth, forever21, virgin blak- will have Gothy inclined things that will not be marketed as Goth. 
  4. HAND ME DOWNS. Most of your relatives lived through the 80s and 90s. Don't feel bad about taking their old things. I'm kidding, ASK.
If any would like to contribute, feel free. Now, I'm going to blather about myself.

I have a particularly large collection of pants and I thought it would be fun to post pictures and list them, because that's what I do.

Sorry, bad quality

  • Grey Snake print skinny jeans- Plato's Closet
  • Tripp spiked bondage cut-off- Lip Service
  • Dark grey cheetah print skinny jeans- Mother
  • Tripp yellow plaid super skinny jeans- Consignment Shop
  • Tripp black super skinny jeans- Mother
  • Tripp black and grey striped super skinny jeans- Hot Topic
  • Grey pinstripe pants-Mother
  • Tripp white plaid super skinny jeans- Consignment shop
  • Black denim shorts- Hot Topic
  • White Super Skinny jeans- Old Navy
  • Black super skinny jeans- Old Navy
  • Black Booty shorts- Mother
  • Grey acid wash supper skinny jeans- Hot Topic
  • Black shorts?- Plato's Closet
  • Plaid shorts- Mother
  • Grey Booty shorts- thrift store
  • Black dress pants?- Person
  • Black super skinny jeans- Old Navy (yes I have two pairs)


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