Friday, July 12, 2013

My Shoe Collection

I'm very proud of my shoes.

Now I'll share.

Art by Don Kenn

(Going from shortest to highest)

Demonia Creepers, 1 inch platform, black seude, size 10
     I don't wear them often. I bought them a size too large and didn't have the sense to exchange them. They came from EBay and were about 40$, I think. I love how they look, but would like a smaller size and larger platform.

by No Boundaries, 1.5-2 inch platform, black pleather, size 9.5
     Yes, these are cheap, but they look good to me. They were a gift from a show I helped design costumes for and are about 7 years old, from the junior high skater period of the Head Designer's daughter. This isn't a very good angle (somehow, I can't find one) , but they have the very Goth rounded toe and tight ankle.

Dr Marten 1460s, slight heel, black leather, size 9, UK 8
      These were my main Christmas gift for 2012. 120$ well spent from the official site. I wear them so often and they're hardly scuffed. I substitute these for dress shoes, because I have none and find them unattractive. 


By Go Jane. 7 inches tall, black fake leather, Women's 11
     These were bought as a gag from Plato's Closet for 25$. They fit, so I bought them and put pictures on my social networks. I got so much hate for it because I'm a CIS-male. Fuck your gender roles. I don't actually wear them in public, they don't match my aesthetic and they're also a bit dangerous.

Military Issue, squeaky sole, black leather, size 10
     I've wanted to replace my old black combat boots forever, but never could find any because only thrift store finds would do. These are adorable, but they squeak, so I need to have them resoled.

Demonia Fierce-130s, 1.5 inch platform, black synthetic leather, size 9
     These are my children. I wear them the most during winter, as opposed to my Docs in the summer. They came from Sinister Soles and were 96$? They have to be repaired a good bit, the way all Demonia platforms do, but it's not a large problem.

Demonia Trashville-518s, 3.25 inch platform, black PVC, size 10
     My first pair of Goth shoes, Christmas 2010. I didn't get them from a Goth store, I know because they were only 80$ without shipping, I THINK. They're only winter wear, because I don't wear booty shorts in public, it's out of my comfort zone. They're a little big so the buckles jingle when I walk. I am not a large person, and my calves are too small for the shoe. I hope I have the money to replace them one day.

Before school starts, I'll have four buckle winklepickers, so I'll review those, ta ta


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  1. Fuck you have cool shoes.
    And yes, screw gender roles!