Monday, July 22, 2013

Shoe Resources: For Those of Us Who Refute Birkenstocks

I'm really obsessed with shoes. Not just the usual buckled platforms, or lace up knee highs like proper Goths are supposed to. I like shoes that cater to all across the alternative subculture board. Here, I've compiled a list of sites to supply you with whatever your shoe loving hearts could desire.

 The traditional Goth platforms with buckles and laces and such. Also sneakers, Creepers, heels, boots of all kinds. Mostly vegan, I think.
 New Rock
The more elaborate, higher quality version of Demonia. Made in Spain.
 The original Creepers. Lots of variety.
England-manufactured Creepers, winklepickers, steelcap combat boots. England-based.
Iron Fist
Heels, flats, sandals with Iron Fists lovely cartoon prints.
The Winklepicker Store
High quality, England made winklepickers.
Sinister Soles
Sells all of these brands.
Ego and Greed
Sells a variety of alternative heels, wedges, sneakers, platforms and the like.
Sells platforms and platform heels
Specializes in platforms
Buffalo Platforms
Buffalo is a German manufacturer that used to specialize in platform sneakers. They're still sold, but they're not as popular.
Platform wedges and platform heels
Bess NYC
Spikes, of course
Solestruck- To ride the world of one ugly pair of shoes at a time! Heels, wedges, platforms, sneakers, spikes, laces, buckles, clear, velvet, iridescent. They have a lot.
Nasty Gal
Very similar to Solestruck. Lots of alt shoes.

Have any more? Feel free to comment.


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