Thursday, July 19, 2012

REVIEW-Demonia Fierce 130s

Thank you for viewing this first installment of the (reloaded) Adventures of LittleGothCat!

I recently bought these boots from Sinister Soles

(Image courtesy of Amazon's Listing )
They are the beautiful, glorious, magnificent, evangelical Demonia Fierce 130s. I plan on using them as everyday boots. They certainly seem sturdy enough; I managed to walk to a local thrift store. They feel just as comfortable as combat boots (not like Gothy combat boots; like army-issue combats).
They have the typical Demonia style tight calf and slightly overlarge foot, just like my Trashville 518s. Speaking of those, I might need to mention size.
I'm sure if you've ever seen Demonia listings on any site whatsoever, you've seen their notice about ordering a size or two above normal. That is not the case with any of their shoes, of which I own three pairs.
I ordered my size in Converse sneakers, 9. They fit perfectly. My Creepers and Trashvilles are both 10s. The Trashvilles fit fine in the calf (they're knee-highs) because I've adjusted the buckles to a very low...hole? But the feet are already oversize, so I can write fanfiction with my toes in them. My Creepers...oh dear. I can't wear them often because they look so awkward. I have to stuff the toes and the laces dont lace tight enough on my foot. I have slightly wide feet, so, wide feet or no, BUY YOUR REGULAR SIZE.
Unless your feet are very long/very wide.

  • Very comfortable, similar to combat boots
  • Attractive from every angle
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Good fit
  • Wonky sizing
  • Tight on calves, but not uncomfortably so

So there you have it, my first reloaded post and my first review
Forever Booted,

P.s. Sorry I don't have any pictures of mine. My phone's picture quality is absolute crap, my camera died about a year ago, and I'm not allowed to touch my step-dad's.

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  1. They are rather appealing boots. A bit over my price range at this point, but I gather they're definitely worth looking into.