Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pastel Goth, Nu Goth, and Hipster Goth

I know, second post on my first day, faux pas. But I was browsing tumblr, like I am for at least 18 hours a day, when I noticed hate on Pastel Goth. I personally love how PG combines little decora and lolita type fashion with Goth. I've also noticed hate on Nu Goth and Hipster Goth. They aren't quite as appealing to me as PG, but I still admire them for the same fusion with goth.

Examples of Pastel Goth

Image 1 found here
Flowertuner is a great example of pastel/loli/deco fashion. I really have no name for it. Notice how the Gothy influence comes in with the patterns, such as the skull-and-crossbones pattern on the blouse and zombie unicorn pattern on the dress. If they had a different print, such as a pastel and gingham, it could be considered lolita. Well, it could if it was a bit longer and bell-shaped. Eyeballs (on the bowie) are commonly found in Pastel Goth, to add in a little creepy to the cute. Her platform boots are Demonia, if I might add. I personally love this outfit and I follow this girl on tumblr.

Image 2 found here
Here lies one of the most contorversial aspects of Pastel Goth: the inverted cross. Goths don't like it. Why? Many Goths starting out have used the inverted cross as a rebellious symbol against religion. It isn't. The inverted cross (known as the Cross of St. Peter) is a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus' disciple Peter. I'm not sure why PGs like it so much; you can ask a few, if you'd like. Another huge aspect of PG  fashion is the hair. Irodohieru (on the left) is wearing a wig. It utilizes (what looks like) your hair as an accessory to match any outfit. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. It's possible, though not as versatile, to dye your hair a pastel color if you wish. I understand many people put conditioner in their dye to lighten the color. And vice versa to make it last.

Examples of Nu Goth
Image 3 found here
This Lookbook is absolutely filled with Nu Goth. I see Nu Goth as an unholy alliance with current mainstream fashion, 90s revival fashion, and how the mainstream sees Goth. The mainstream part of the fashion are the shoes. You cannot see them in this shot, but the most popular shoes with the Nu Goth and fashion-forward crowd are Jeffrey Campbells, particularly their Litas and recent collaboration with Blackmilk. The 90s revival comes in with the infatuation with high-waisted denim shorts (seen here), Americana, photo-editing (also seen here), and round John Lennon-esque glasses. Now, here comes what gets Goth's skull print panties in a twist. Nu Goth takes what the media sees about Goth fashion (spikes, chains, studs, leather, monochromatic color scheme) and uses it. Notice the black and white clothes, spiked headband, and (not seen) shirts with 'edgy' prints.
 Image 4 found here
Now, at the opposite end of the color spectrum, another example of NG. Note that the model is the same, but the hair is different. What does that mean? A wig, of course! That is one similarity NG has with PG. ALSO, notice the cross and love of studs/spikes; another similarity that causes people to confuse the two!
The model has a habit of posing in a melancholy/edgy way, both of which are moods that are seen as 'Goth Moods'. I AM NOT SAYING NU GOTH IS BAD. No, I'm simply acting as if they are a species of their own and imitating Steve Irwin as I type and pointing out why Goths don't like them. I personally do.

Examples of Hipster Goth

Image 5 found here
Nu Goth and Hipster Goth are very similar. In fact, you could say they're different facets of the same fashion. I'd say the main difference is that HGs are essentially dark indie folk and hipsters at heart; therefore, they have nothing to do with mainstream fashion. They also accept color, but there wasn't a good transition word to include that. This HG is employing the use of layered skirts. There is a long, sheer-ish, sometimes interestingly patterned skirt paired with a shorter, non-sheer one underneath. Her hair is also dip-dyed, which, I've noticed, is a trend in the HG and NG scene.
Image 6 found here
Ooh! This is the first male PG, NG, or HG I've seen! The beanie, glasses, and skinny jeans are reminiscent of Hipster fashion, but the charcoal color gives it a slightly Gothy flavor. His hair actually reminds me of flowy RomantiGoth hair. That image tickles me so. The cross necklace gives it Gothy iconography. The shoes are interesting because I can't identify them. Hm.

Image 7 found here (I tried lookbooking for this, but couldn't find it; if you know the true source, please tell me) Ah, Creepers! They are truly a Hipster Goth staple. They come in suede, leather, polyurethane, in just about every color and pattern, double sole and single, wedge, knee high, ankle, etc...This HG also sports ripped tights, which is actually an aspect of NG fashion. Tights in general are popular in every fashion style in this post; solid black for all, bat-print, polka-dot, and heart print are popular with the Pastels, the Nus prefer ripped, ribbed, and sheer, while the Hipster Goths seem to enjoy space print, sheer stripes, and other interesting patterns.

So, all in all, these pastel, bewigged, and dip-dyed stepchildren (dare I say it?) of Goth aren't bad. They're just new. They may stay as long as Goth or fizzle out. Some of them could be close-minded ignorant bastards, but some Goths are. You'll find some in every subculture. So, please, treat them like you would treat any person.

All picture are labelled with their sources and none belong to me.

Thanks for putting up with me and getting ahead of myself on BlogSpot
With striped socks and clunky boots,


  1. I quite adore Pastel Goth, and I don't care what anyone else says. I'll combine cute and creepy all I like, thanks very much. :)

    If you're not following her yet, you should be. often sports many Pastel Goth looks and I find her to be a great inspiration!

  2. I follow her on tumblr :P

  3. I don't think the frist cord could qualify as lolita, I have that dress and love it dearly but the shape and lenght is all wrong for lolita.

    1. I acquiesce. It needs to be a bit longer and fuller, doesn't it?

  4. Oh Gosh. I wouldn't touch this subject with a 10-foot pole.
    I also agree with Eva.

    I also have that dress (in pink.)

    I don't mind Pastel Goths if they're doing it NOT because of the ZOMG tumblr trends going around right now. I don't like it when people do shit just because it's 'hip' on tumblr or any other site. I don't really... like.. Nu Goth.. sometimes. It really just depends on the person - some people are just blinded by fads. I also do NOT like Hipster Goth. But I'm very much 50/50 on all three of these trends. I really am just sitting on the fence here. I'm sorta sick and tired of seeing the same shit over and over again, to be honest. Especially on etsy.

    Why can't I just browse etsy without some inverted cross covered crap? O.o


  5. Probably a long time ago, I would agree with you; but to say this, Gothic Lolita would fall underneath that category. For me, it's like a combination of Lolita, Gothic, and Fairy Kei, which, are not attached to the Gothic scene, to an extent. I think it's pretty privileged and ridiculous to claim it's infringing on a scene when there's bigger things, like cultural appropriation (example being Hipsters wearing war bonnets for head dresses or white folk wearing bindis and are not Dessi) to be worrying about.

    I'm saying this as a 27 year old who's been into the Gothic scene for ten years, who USED to not like nu-goths and hipster goths and alike. But after integrating myself in traditional Egyptian belly dance and turning it to something that's filled with racial and ethnic stereotypes and being part Hispanic and watching people use the sugar skull? I can officially say "who cares". It's not a style that's robbing a minority (RACIAL AND ETHNIC) of something. I would actually give a damn that if someone out there in either of the scenes started slapping on Native attire, bindis, and henna. Then we'll talk.

    But for the most part, I think the Gothic subculture needs to check it's damn privilege and suck it up. It may be a phase, it may be a new trend, and there's nothing any of us can do to dictate fashion where it is. I could complain how the Gothic subculture fetishes Gothic Lolita, but that's another thing entirely.

    So at the moment, excuse me while I listen to Bauhaus and Dead Can Dance while taking elements of Goth, Gothic Lolita, and Pastel Goth, because I want to.

    1. I believe you're agreeing with me. I thank you for that.

  6. I think that pastel goth can be really beautiful... But first photo? Completely awful.