Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Into Goth: The LGC Story

I've been having writer's block on posts lately, so I'm going with the classic "Tell the Story of How You Got Into Goth".
When I was four or five (don't think that this is where it starts out; oh no) I remember knowing the word "Goth". I remember getting on my ancient dial-up computer (1. I'm only fourteen; we had computers back then lol 2.I knew the internet could show me the wonders of the world I couldn't see because I didn't feel like going outside and learned how to operate the pc) and going on some simply-titled website that I believe was an early version of GoodGoth.
I remember spendin hours just perusing through spider earrings and coffin rings for hours on end. The site almost exclusively sold medieval-style clothing, which I tried to copy with purple and green markers because my black one was dried out.
I also remember a shot of a blond Goth in a red corset wearing the Goth boots; knee-high, lace-up, and with that odd heel that's shaped like a trumpet. I think that's what inspired me to write an absolutely horrid song that spoke of snakes and spiders and cobwebs. The karaoke machine possessed me.
My father's mother told me stories of when I would be on her balcony and point at the sky and speak gibberish. I then looked at her with a sparkle in my eyes and said, "Nana! I just conjured up some witches! Can you see 'em?"
She didn't see them.

I don't remember the first Goth I saw. I'm pretty sure I learned the term from television. My mother was...Gothy inclined. Her mother disapproved, so there are only two pictures of her in her suburban-90s Gothy finery; one where her amazing pomp is displayed while she lounges sedately on her bed in high waisted blue jeans and and a blue tie-dye t shirt. The other is a mirror picture of my mother composing the pomp while wearing dark makeup and a tattered GNR t shirt.

Now here comes where I actually got into Goth, instead of how I got influenced. Well, It was 2009, right after the EmoScene Empire and MySpace fell.
I discovered Emo.
I wanted it. I needed to be it. Sadly, it didn't work because that was the point at which my carbon footprint was largest. I have since lost that weight, but that has nothing to do with it. I started experimenting with makeup, wearing Nightmare Before Christmas and Naruto t shirts, and wearing black bootcut jeans with my first pair of Chucks. I'd say it was the start of the BabyBat phase. I was listening to anime theme songs back then, instead of real music.
It was a dark time in my life.
Also, I had a cat tail and clip on ties that I liked to wear.
It was a very, very dark time.

Then, I started losing the weight and perfecting my style until now I am a size small, six pants sizes down, and I'm fabulously stylish.

So there's my horrendous story of how I turned into the cute little Spook I am today.

With purple spectrum locks and Photoshopped piercings,

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